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Elopement: Shelby & Logan

Cotton Hall has been home to a handful of elopements since our opening. The fun thing about elopements here is that unlike big wedding days at our venue, elopements are quite simple and allow us to be completely hands-on without really having to focus on much other than just the couple and their vows to one another. Don't get me wrong, the "fluff" of the big weddings is a big part of why I love the job, but elopements have a way of bringing us back to why weddings are so special!

Shelby and Logan got married on a Friday afternoon in April. They were joined by their children and the lovely Jolie Connor Photography, who took these beautiful images of the couple.

We can't wait for more sweet moments like these. While big weddings are a huge part of my heart, elopements where we get to feel every second of the handwritten vows are really so very special and will always have a place at Cotton Hall!

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