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Open for Business

It's no secret that the Inn portion of Cotton Hall was closed for a number of months for an unexpected renovation. Back in October of 2021, we had an electrical fire after recently opening for business back in September 2021. We had one full, wonderful month of guests at the Inn before closing the inside of the Inn entirely for almost 6 months.

The Inn at Cotton Hall underwent new wiring throughout the entire house along with a few minor changes here and there and we are delighted to say that we are finally back Open for Business!

Since re-opening in May, the Inn at Cotton Hall has been filled with visitors almost weekly. Guests enjoy Nature Tours of the property, evening strolls along the Avenue of Oaks, complimentary continental breakfast in the Coffee Kitchen each morning, and afternoons splashing in the pool. There's something to be said about getting away to a place in the middle of nowhere, but we're finding that our guests are all looking for the ultimate rest and relaxation, and they're finding just that here as soon as they drive through the front gates.

With little to no cell phone reception and not a television in sight, our guests are forced to get out and about and enjoy the beautiful natural setting or go for a nearby adventure. Our team at Cotton Hall can provide our guests with the perfect suggestions for enjoying nearby cities such as Beaufort and Charleston with endless recommendations for each.

Needless to say, we are delighted to open our doors to guests once again. If you're looking for a peaceful respite, a stay at the Inn at Cotton Hall is the perfect cure to all. One visit here and you'll understand!

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